The Most Important Thing

More than anything else, we want you to know this:

  1. There is a God, and He is not only loving, gracious and merciful, but also holy, just and perfect. Because of that, He cannot accept or tolerate sin in His presence; His grace will not simply overlook or ignore sin. Instead, it incurs His holy, furious wrath against it.
  2. Every human is guilty of great sin because of our disobedience of God’s commands and our offense against God in His holiness. Therefore, every one of us is left in a condition of hopelessness, damned for our sinfulness and unable on our own to be good enough to be considered righteous or acceptable by God. We are separated from Him forever.
  3. But God’s grace and mercy moved Him to provide for man a solution: the only means whereby a perfect sacrifice (Jesus Christ) would be made that would pay the penalty that all sin demands. But what it required of Him was the greatest sacrifice anyone has ever had to make: the sending of His own Son to earth in order to live a perfect life, suffer on our behalf, be crucified in our place (our substitute), and bear the horrific wrath of God that we deserve as the atoning sacrifice for our sins. God accepted this and now imputes His righteousness on all who repent of their sin and believe in Him for the full and complete forgiveness of their sins, a personal relationship with Him, and the hope of eternal life with Him.
  4. Jesus Christ accomplished that history-changing mission for mankind 2,000 years ago, rising from the dead and ascending back into heaven, where He offers to all who believe in Him the full and complete forgiveness of their sins, a personal relationship with Him, and the hope of eternal life with Him.
  5. Now that good news demands a response from every human, including you. God makes it overwhelmingly clear in the Bible that the only means of salvation is the full-fledged embracing of this gift by faith. One must come to the end of himself and all means of trying to save himself, repent of his great sin against a holy God and believe in Christ alone as his salvation. Only then can you stand before God and be seen as perfect. Only then can you enjoy all the rich treasures of salvation and a reconciled relationship with God. Jesus Christ is the only way…

Above all else, this is our hope and prayer for you, that you will confess and believe and be born again. Today, this moment, you can begin a relationship with Christ, whose love will transform you and fill you with joy, peace and hope.

If you have never come to that point in your life, please do so today!

And if you do have that relationship with Christ, thank Him daily for this gift and continue each day to preach this message to yourself so you live a life of surrender and dependency on God for everything.