God clearly calls the church and His followers to live lives of compassion and mercy. We desire to do that as individuals with every opportunity God gives us in our daily lives. And we desire as a church to commit our time and resources to invest in ministries of compassion that we pray will give us a platform for sharing Christ and the good news of His offer of salvation to all who will believe. Here are the church ministries we feel led by God to do for His glory:

Our Youth Ministry (K-12) is our outreach ministry to children. Every Wednesday evening during the school year, we serve supper at 6:00 pm and then, from 6:30 – 8:00 pm, teach the children God’s truth, memorize His Word, do a craft, and play some games. Most of the children come from the immediate neighborhood, and the love they experience from the adults in the ministry, the meeting of their practical needs (food, clothing, winter coats) and the hearing of the gospel minister in a powerful way to them.
Matthew 18:5 “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me,”

Food Net is an outreach ministry of Zion Church which we host and a number of other churches also provide volunteers for. This ministry proportions out free food allotments every Saturday morning at 10:30 to anyone in need. Anyone who wants to serve in this ministry can come any Saturday morning at 9:30 and help minister to those who come for food.

A few times a year we host a meal for all of the neighbors in the community directly around our church.