Our Elders



Kurt Earl

According to God’s mercy a sinner saved by grace received through faith alone in Christ alone. I stay busy serving and leading as a husband, teacher, coach, and elder. I love a good road trip, enjoy studying the deepest levels of theology and write/blog.


Clarence Gillett

Having accepted Christ at an early age, Clarence Gillett totally committed himself to Jesus Christ at age 12. He married Twila Thieszen in 1968 and together they served under The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) as missionaries in Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), Indonesia from 1972 until retirement in 2010.  Clarence and Twila have two children and four grandchildren.  Since retiring in 2010 he enjoys a ministry to international students and being an active part of First Street Bible Church.



Chad Parker

Jesus Christ saved me in March 1995 and by His grace, I have continually grown in love for Him and His church. God has blessed me with my wonderful wife and partner in life and ministry, Danielle, as well as five children. In the marketplace, I have the privilege of helping clients navigate worldly finances and taxes while keeping their eyes, hearts, and minds set on eternity.


Robb Rexilius

What amazing grace this wretched sinner has been shown by God since He saved me from my sin 42 years ago! I have been lavished with riches in Christ Jesus. I have been blessed incredibly with Beth as my wife and then 5 children in the 33 years of our marriage and I had 26 joy-filled years of teaching, discipling and sharing the gospel at Lincoln Christian. But all the while God was using a variety of experiences within local churches to prepare me to now have the privilege of serving the members of First Street Bible Church as an elder and the preaching pastor. Oh, what grace!



Kevin Wissink

Having grown up in Lincoln, I am no stranger to this community. I was raised in a Christian home and trusted Christ at age eleven. I have been married to Lorene for 36 years and have two grown daughters. It is a true privilege to serve Christ and His people through the ministry of music and worship. It is by God’s grace alone that I am able to continue to serve Him at First Street Bible to lead people to the throne of God by the Word of God for the glory of God.

Jonathan Hoesch

The Lord Jesus saved me by His grace early in life.  Since then, I have been greatly blessed me with a wonderful wife and mother, Nicole, to my two children. I have had the joy of serving my Lord in various roles within the local body over many years as a pastor, teacher and now as an elder at First Street Bible as I work in national development for a company based in Nebraska.  My greatest blessings have been to grow in my love and understanding of the Lord Jesus and to see my two children put their faith in Him as their personal Lord and Savior.  My prayer for all those coming to First Street is that they grow in their love for Jesus and one other while focusing on the eternal: God, the Word of God and the Souls of Men!