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June 1-9, 2022

Pilgrims & Prophets: Return To The Museum

First Street Bible Church will be hosting a musical production camp June 1-9, 2022, with two performances on the 9th. This is a powerful opportunity for children to be proclaimers of truth in such a creative way! In addition to daily chapel time, they will be receiving drama and music training from professionally trained directors, and will also be instructed in art and dance. The cast will sense the excitement of what the whole team can do together to make this story come alive!


A follow up to the 2021 initial Bible Museum production (Mr. Moses & The Museum of the Great Deliverer), Pilgrims & Prophets includes themes of exile and redemption, pilgrimage and homecoming. From the deliverance showcased in the story of Moses, to the trusting witness of Jeremiah and Daniel, to the provision found in the story of Ruth, we’ll witness how God always takes care of His people, and brings them through exile into redemption. The story opens with a return and a new beginning, as familiar characters Ms. Rose, Sam, and Lucy reunite with Professor Henry and museum curator, Mr. Moses. Visiting the museum for the first time are Alex Griggs, and his children, Maggie and Billy, in addition to young artist, Bella. During their visit to the museum, they will witness such events as the parting of the Red Sea, and Daniel’s trust in God in the midst of the lion’s den. Along the way, the newcomers will be drawn deeper into the stories of the Bible, and discover courage, candor, and surprising convictions. Perhaps the stories of the Bible are truer reflections of real life than they ever imagined!

About Camp

Journey to a Show!


Registration is open February 12 through March 1. Registration guarantees you a spot at camp. Note: Registration may close early, if there is a high volume of applicants. Students between the ages of 8 and high school graduates (class of 2022) can participate.


Auditions are held on March 11-13, with one additional evening on Sunday, March 6. The audition process helps us get to know each student involved in the show! Auditions will be held at First Street Bible Church (1st and F, Lincoln NE). You will indicate audition availability on your registration form. Plan to arrive at your audition time at least 10 minutes before your assigned block of time, and allow extra travel time in the case of trains, traffic, or weather.

Components of the audition: Please prepare in advance

  1. Excerpt(s): Provided and detailed below. Do your best to memorize the dialogue. 
  2. Song of choice: may range from Star-Spangled Banner & Happy Birthday to musical theater and art song. (Pick a song that shows your voice well!)
  3. Optional: 30-60 seconds of a poem/dramatic selection of your choice.
  4. Optional: 30-60 seconds of any acrobatics/gymnastics/dance skills.
  5. Optional: 30-60 seconds showcasing learning/skill on an instrument (at least two years of instruction).

Note: Your preparation in an audition influences your potential casting (i.e. you will be considered for a speaking/singing role if you have prepared in advance for your audition). Your audition helps us know how responsible you could be with a role. Seeing you do your best helps us make wise casting assignments, whether it be speaking or singing roles, or other crucial show elements like choreography and set crew.

As a parent, how can I help my child prepare for the audition?
We are building a team for the overall purpose of presenting the gospel. Every student is valuable. Please do not let a possible fear of auditioning deter your child from participating in this musical opportunity. Because not all students are guaranteed a speaking role or solo, be prepared to support your student in whatever role they are assigned. When practicing for any drama scene, practice speaking the lines opposite your child, and encourage them to speak the meaning of the line. This will also help them practice acting responsively.

Camp Week

A day at camp includes:

  • Chapel
  • Music & Drama rehearsals
  • Supplemental Classes (as applicable to each student: set/prop creation, stage makeup)


Because our rehearsal and preparation time as a group occurs in one week’s concentrated efforts, rehearsals are essential. Unprepared lines/music impacts and impedes everyone else involved with that scene or song. Camp rehearsals will be spent putting together set, music, and drama components, practicing choreography, learning dances, and working through set & character blocking. During the week of camp, the directors recommend you review with your student what they learned at camp that day – running lines, remembering blocking, etc.


Example Rehearsal Schedule

Location-Lincoln Christian School

  • Wednesday, June 1: Check-in at 1:00pm, pick-up at 6pm 
  • Thursday-Saturday, June 2-4: Check-in at 9am. Pickup may be between 2 and 6, depending on age. Bring your own lunch! 
  • Sunday, June 5: Check-in at 1pm, pick-up at 6:00pm. 
  • Monday, June 6: Check-in at 8am. Bring your own lunch. Starting Monday, we can’t 100% guarantee a timeline, as directors may be calling specific scenes/ensembles as needed. It’s best to keep these next few days free of other activities.

New Location-Faith Bible Church

  • Tuesday-Wednesday, June 7-8: Check-in at 8am. Bring your own lunch. These are tech and dress rehearsal days, and will require flexibility!
  • Thursday, June 9: Two performances at 1:00pm and 6:00 pm. Bring your own lunch. Supper will be provided. (There is a chance there may be some form of final rehearsal in the morning; in any case, plan on an early call time ahead of the first show!)

Thursday, June 9: The Performances! 1:00PM & 6:00PM

Performances will be held at Faith Bible Church and are free and open to the public. In order to track attendance and account for seating, a ticket order form will be sent to all participants. There will be no assigned seating.

Additional Information:

Camp Costs:

Your tuition helps pay for facility fees, directors’ costs, lighting, sound, and your Biblical costuming. There are two payment tiers, calculated based on age and projected time commitment. Payment is due in full (cash/check, addressed to First Street Bible Church) at the audition. 

  • Students age 8 through (entering) Grade 5 are $200. 
  • Students entering Grades 6-12 are $275.

Note: For those who register four or more students from the same family, a 20% discount will be applied to the registration cost.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

We have discounted the cost of camp for all students, and have done our best to streamline camp costs as we can. In the past, students have requested assistance from community arts endowments, extended family members, and their home church. Check to see if some of these resources might be beneficial to you. If you are in need of scholarship funding, we recommend checking with your home church first. Some churches have specific scholarship request forms available for use. For additional questions on scholarships, and to request a church sponsorship letter and Scholarship Application Form, please email You will receive a reply from Karin Peters.

After registering, can my student withdraw?
If necessary, you may withdraw until March 15. After withdrawing, you may not re-register or reclaim your spot. Please keep in mind only a limited number of students can register. If you wait to withdraw, you have potentially kept another student from an opportunity to register and prepare for an audition. Unless in the event of an emergency, as deemed so by the camp administration, the tuition cost is non-refundable.

Audition Information

Below you will find the assigned excerpts for the audition. We are excited to share a brief description of a few characters with you as well as a few lines from the script! 


  •  Aged 8-12, please prepare the parts of Billy and Young Boys (read all Young Boy lines), Excerpts 1 and 6.
  • Aged 13 and up, please prepare the parts of Jeremiah and Alex Griggs, Excerpts 5 and 6.


  • Aged 8-12, please prepare the part of Maggie, Excerpt 2.
  • Aged 13 and up, please prepare the parts of Maggie, Anna and Bella, Excerpts 2, 3, 4.

Memorization is encouraged. Please make note of the character descriptions and prepare the readings to dramatically portray each character. Have fun!


Note: Only perform the designated character on each excerpt. The audition panel will read any other character lines at the audition.