A Typical Sunday


If you’ve never been to First Street Bible, we thought it might be helpful to try to give you a feel for what to expect. Our desire is that when you are with us, you are able to completely focus on God and not be disctracted by the “unknown.” So, here, in a nutshell, is what you can expect on a typical Sunday at FSBC….

Before the Service

The first wave of people gathers at 9:15 for what is traditionally called Sunday School (though there is no Sunday School during the summer months). We have classes for pre-schoolers, lower elementary children, upper elementary children, and youth while the rest of the body meets in the sanctuary for a 45-minute study of the Bible or a topic of the BIble. It is an informal but serious time of studying truth, often with opportunity for questions.

Then, from 10:00-10:30, many members gather downstairs for coffee and homemade sweets while they visit with each other and guests who are visiting. Some prefer to sit in the sanctuary and visit or begin to prepare for the service.

The Worship Service

At 10:30, with the final ringing of the bells, we commence…. We call it a worship service because that is its intent and design: a community of people gathered to turn their full attention to God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, worshipping Him in various forms. Everything we do during this time is intended to help us as individuals and as a whole body to worship our great God and grow in our knowledge of Him and love for Him.

Opening–Following the announcements that need to be made, we begin with a portion of a psalm, prayer of preparation, and sometimes, the reciting of The Apostle’s Creed, affirming our faith as those in the church have done for centuries.
Music–We sing a combination of hymns and choruses to the accompaniment of a piano, guitar, bass and violin–often focused on themes from what we are studying in the Bible that morning

Offering–Everyone has an opportunity to freely give to the Lord and His work during the service.

Scripture Reading and Prayer–We read a text of Scripture and are led in prayer, sometimes ending with a united reciting of The Lord’s Prayer.


We typically study through a book of the Bible, seeking to interpret accurately and clearly so there is understanding and application to life. Sermons are usually 35-45 minutes, depending on whether or not there is The Lord’s Supper.

Communion–Quite regularly we take time in our service to partake together as a body the symbolic bread and cup of The Lord’s Supper, remembering what Jesus Christ has done in paying the death penalty for our sin.

After the Service

Greeting the pastor and his wife at the door, some members head out the doors to live out their faith in the world while others continue to connect with each other long after the service is over. For all, another opportunity to gather as a church family to worship God has been spiritually uplifting, strengthening them to continue to serve their Lord for His glory…

The Makeup of the Body

At First Street Bible you’ll find a great blend of young and old side by side. Though you’ll find healthy numbers of wise, elderly Christians, you’ll also be pleasantly struck by the number of young singles and young families, as well as the many young children.


You’ll see it all on a Sunday morning, from suits to jeans with holes in them. You’ll be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. We just hope you’ll come, and come with a heart desiring God.